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Care in the hospital setting is provided on the delivery suite in either the high risk area or the midwifery led unit.

Women with pregnancy complications will be cared for on the main Delivery Suite, by a team of Midwives and Obstetricians. Our aim is to provide continuity of care by allocating a midwife to each woman throughout your labour, if possible.

Women with low risk pregnancies who do not want to deliver at home are cared for in the Midwife Led Unit, adjacent to the Delivery Suite.

For safety of you and your baby the labour ward has secure and restricted access. Only 2 birth partners may accompany you. We have no waiting area for visitors so please advise other family members and friends to stay near a telephone for news.  

We would be grateful if others would refrain from phoning labour ward, as we cannot give out confidential information. We need to spend our time ensuring the safe delivery of your baby rather than answering the telephone every few minutes.

To find out more about the care we provide and to see our facilities, including Eden Suite (our Midwifery-Led Unit) and Labour Ward, please watch our online tour.


Labour and Birth

Before you come in to have your baby, we run sessions on how to remain as mobile as possible during your labour and birth and include positions and relaxation techniques for you to practise at home. These sessions are run within the community and your Midwife will make sure you know where and when they run. We actively encourage your birth partner to attend this session.

Our aim is to provide you and your family with all the information you need about where you can give birth to your baby.

You can give birth either at:

  • Home
  • Midwifery-Led Unit
  • Delivery Suite
Pain Relief in Labour

The amount of pain that women can experience in labour varies enormously, both between women and between pregnancies. Many women find they need some sort of pain relief.

There are many forms of pain relief for you to choose from with guidance and advice from your midwife. These include, in increasing order of strength:

  • Relaxation and Hypnosis
  • Paracetamol
  • Bathing in warm water
  • Entonox (gas and air)
  • Pethidine and Diamorphine
  • Epidural

For further information please read your maternity hand held notes and try to attend Labour in Motion and Antenatal Education Classes. Your community midwife will have information about these.


Maternity Wards/Units

The Maternity Ward is a mixed Antenatal and Postnatal ward.The direct telephone number for the Ward is 0151 604 7130

Delivery Suite

The delivery suite has ten delivery rooms, the majority of which are en-suite. There are also birthing pools available for women who are unsuitable for the Midwifery-led unit. There are two dedicated theatres for delivery suite with easy access to the Neonatal unit.

In both the Midwifery-led unit and Delivery Suite birthing balls and bean bags are available for all women.


Early transfer home may be available from both the midwifery-led unit and delivery suite. Your midwife will advise you if this is possible.

Should there be any concerns, we will advise you to stay for a day or two for further observations and/or tests.

If you have had a Caesarean Section, you should be ok to go home on the 3rd or 4th day after birth. 

You will be given notes for your Community Midwife to use and a list of contact numbers should you have any problems.

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