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We want to make sure that you have the best possible experience of care with us. So it’s extremely important that you let us know how well we're performing. The NHS Friends and Family Test is an easy-to-understand question that we are asking our patients.

Why is The NHS Friends and Family Test important?
The NHS Friends and Family Test is just one of the ways we gather your feedback, but it’s an extremely important one as it helps us make any improvements to our services.

How does it work?
There are different methods available to be able to answer the NHS Friends and Family Test. A 'Learning with Patients' questionnaire will be provided within 48 hours of discharge. This will contain The NHS Friends and Family Test for you to answer:

F&F question green background 

You will be able to select from one of the following responses:

F&F answer green background 

A Friends and Family exit card may be provided. 

A new method which has been introduced is the text service or an automated phone call from Health Care Communications. Your response is free and really appreciated.  If you don't wish to take part, please click on this link for more information - Opting Out.

For more information on Health Care Communications please see the Frequently asked questions. 

We would value any additional comments that would help us to understand why you have chosen your particular answer.

How often can you respond to The NHS Friends and Family Test?

You can do it just once, or each time you use our service.

How will the results be used?
Your feedback will help us learn more about what you think about our service – what we did well and what you think we could improve.

Listening and learning from our patients is extremely important to us as we are committed in providing you with the best possible care and experience. If you have any questions about The NHS Friends and Family Test, please ask a member of our staff.


Our most recent figures

Click on the link below to view our most recent NHS Friends and Family Test data:

June, July and August 2017/2018 - The NHS Friends and Family Test




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