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The views of our patients are very important to us as it helps us understand how successful we are in delivering services that meet and exceed the expectations of patients, as well as their relatives and carers.

We use feedback from patients to celebrate our strengths as well as understanding any challenges that we can use to improve services across our hospitals.

This hospital will soon be carrying out the National Inpatient Survey to find out what patients think about the care they received in the hospital. This survey is voluntary, and all answers are confidential but if you do not wish to take part, or have any questions about the survey please contact 0151 604 7004.

How you can provide feedback

There are a number of ways in which you can tell us about your experience at our hospitals. These include national surveys, local hospital surveys as well as direct electronic feedback while you are in hospital.

The information below explains in a little more detail about these options you can chose:

Learning with Patients Questionnaire

This is our own inpatient questionnaire which is unique to our hospitals and has been developed by us in partnership with our staff, governors and members of the Wirral Local Involvement Network.

This will be issued to you on discharge and includes a freepost envelope for you to return to us. This anonymous questionnaire is firmly established within our hospitals and over 7000 patients a year choose to use this method to provide feedback.

This questionnaire will ask you a range of questions about your experience and also provides space for you to make any comments. We encourage you to complete the questionnaire following discharge as this allows you more time to reflect on your experiences.

National Surveys

National Surveys are conducted on an annual basis. The National Inpatient Survey is conducted every year along with a selected survey for other areas of healthcare such as Outpatients, Emergency Department and Maternity.

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