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Dementia Care

Making a difference in dementia, the dementia strategy was successfully lauched in March 2015 with focused actions underpinning our values and beliefs for patients with dementia and their carers:

 Endeavour to meet all the expectations set out in the Dementia Strategy
 Ensure all their colleagues on their ward/department are aware of the Strategy and its expectations
 Support their colleagues in the delivery of these expectations
 Ensure that appropriate training and awareness has been undertaken
Be inspired to;
 Help people living with dementia maintain independence for as long as possible
 Enable people living with dementia to live life to the full
 Make sure families and carers feel cared for & supported too
 Ensure end of life care is the best it can be

You can view the dementia strategy by clicking on this link - Making a difference in dementia

Each Ward Sister/Deputy Ward Manager on behalf of their ward sign the pledge to support Dementia Care - Dementia Strategy Pledge 

Our strategy supports the Prime Minister challenge of 2020 - Prime Minister's Challenge



Personalised care planning

Every patient with dementia has a dementia care bundle, this means they receive personalised nursing care to ensure that all appropriate assessments and care is given.  You can view the dementia care bundle by clicking on this link -Dementia Care Bundle 

'This Is Me' document is given to every patient with a diagnosis of dementia

Forget Me Not symbol is used on the patient information board on all wards to identify people with dementia.

Forget Me Not card is used on patient's locker for all members of staff to identify patient with dementia. For more information please click on the following links:

-Information for patients and carers

-Information for staff

-Dementia care in the Emergency Dept - This is also used in AMU and OPD

WUTH Dementia Training

We have various methods for raising awareness for dementia training.  Dementia awareness in Acute setting DVD is available on the staff intranet and also forms part of mandatory training.  This can also be viewed by clicking on this link - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dUtrK7UyKQg 

Dementia Conference is held 3 times next year and this is a half day session covering all aspects of dementia care.  

Tier 2 training is for staff who have consistent contact with carers and patients who have dementia. 

The dates for 2017 are as follows:

28th April 2017 08:45 – 12:30

29th September 2017 08:45 – 12:30

25th November 2017 08:45 – 12:30

More dates will be available in the coming months

#dementiado tier 1 training is now offered to all staff on wards and Care Homes.  This is basic awareness training.  The dates for 2017 are as follows:

06/09/2017 14.00-16.00 in Clinical skills room A

11/10/2017 14.00-16.00 in Clinical skills room A

08/11/2017 14.00-16.00 in Clinical skills room A

06/12/2017 14.00-16.00 in Clinical skills room A




Support for Carers

The Trust values the importance of carers of people with dementia.  We acknowledge that carers know their loved ones best and should be listened to.  There is a carers pack which informs you of what to expect in the hospital signposting for support for carers and person with dementia.  Included in the pack are as follows - Communicating fact sheet and Supporting carers, family and friends of people with dementia.

There is a carers questionnaire included in the pack.  If you have had experience of the hospital and wish to complete a questionnaire please click on this link - 


Staff from the hospital, WIRED and AGE UK are available every Thursday 2:00 - 3:00pm in the memory cafe situated outside ward 27 on the second floor of Arrowe Park Hospital.  

John's campaign has been implemented on wards 21, 22, 27 and M2 Rehab for the right to stay with patients with dementia in hospital. Carer's of people with dementia are welcome on these wards. If you are a carer, we would like to work in partnership with you - My Carer's Passport

Reminiscence work at WUTH

An acute hospital is not the correct environment for people with dementia;  however we are continually striving to enhance the  environment in a number of ways. There is a memory café for patients to enjoy old footage TV, listen to music, enjoy singalongs and other activities - memory cafe poster.  There is a pub situated on Ward 21:

IMG 6168 RFS

There is now a kitchen, a hairdressers and a garden area on other wards:

Garden Area 1Kitchen

The Trust library service has recently worked with Wirral Libraries to create reminiscent boxes available from the memory café. Patients can enjoy this reminiscent activity in the café or on any ward at the patients' own bedside. The boxes are available for staff, befriending volunteers or visitors to enjoy with their relative whilst in hospital. Similar boxes can be loaned out to Community groups and Care homes from the libraries on the Wirral:

Launch Event 14

 Every ward has a dementia board which informs visitors, patients and staff of how we care for people with dementia:

IMG 2460 2

Reminiscence tablets are available for staff and befriending volunteers for reminiscent therapy at patient's bed side.  A sofware programme is available on the tablets, which include activities such as Bingo, Sing-along and chair exercises for befriending volunteers who visit the wards regularly and for staff to use.

A singer visits older people's wards monthly and there is a plan for more entertainers to visit the wards. 

Twiddlemuffs are available for dementia patients in Memory Cafe and on wards. 

#PROUD to care for you