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OPP - http://www.wirralopp.co.uk/  (Older Peoples Parliament)


This group was established in January 2007 and works closely with the council, particularly adult social services.  The membership is around 1500 and increases each month.  They aim to support the older person of the Wirral and help deal with issues that affect us all living in the community.  There are strong links with some schools, which helps their intergenerational programme – ‘Learning Together’.

Community Action Wirral - http://communityactionwirral.org.uk/

This group provides practical support to groups getting started and is the conduit between the third sector and public and private sectors.  The database, which the group has, enables them to target appropriate information and training.  They report on trends such as how many volunteers there are in Wirral.

Wirral Multicultural Organisation - https://www.wmo.org.uk/

This group was established as a company limited by guarantee and as a registered charity in April 1993 to look at the development of the Multicultural Centre.  Wirral Multicultural Organisation has broadened its membership and incorporated African, Afro-Caribbean and European.  Widening the membership for other community representatives will reflect the increase in the diverse population of Wirral.  In 2002 WMO became involved with Child Care and Training facilities and Wirral Water Front helped working in partnership to get European Regional Development and Social fund.

Alzheimer’s Society - https://www.alzheimers.org.uk/

The Alzheimer’s Society is the lead in dementia support and a research charity for anybody affected by any form of dementia in the UK. They provide information, practical and emotional support to help people cope better with dementia.  The group invests in research with the goal of defeating dementia.  To improve public understanding of dementia and the unfortunate impact it can have the group campaigns to make sure it is taken seriously and acted on by the government.

Wired - http://www.wired.me.uk/Wirral-Carers-website.asp

This group believes that people should have control over their own lives by having a choice of where to live and how to have independence without over protection.  They are involved in service planning by disadvantaged people and carers.  Wired participates in local, regional and national communities.  

Healthwatch - http://www.healthwatch.co.uk/

Healthwatch is the national consumer champion in health care.  They ensure the voice of the consumer is strengthened and heard by those who commission, deliver and regulate health and care services.  Healthwatch are also now based in the Information Bank in the Hospital on ground floor by the main lifts Monday - Friday.

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