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Lung Cancer

Our local lung cancer team consists of local chest physicians, specialist nurses, radiologists, pathologists and close links to Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital,  Clatterbridge Centre for Oncology and Hospice services. We meet weekly as a team to discuss on-going management of all patients under our care (this includes consultant surgical and oncology colleagues).


Following referral to the service all cases are reviewed prior to the first outpatient appointment by one of our respiratory consultants. If required a CT scan is organised on receipt of referral; images reviewed with the clinical information supplied and further investigations are booked from a virtual review clinic on a daily basis.  If investigations are requested patients are contacted by one of our lung specialist nurses to explain the process and contact information is given.


Locally we offer a full range of diagnostic tests including bronchoscopy, endobronchial ultrasound (EBUS), dedicated pleural clinic and medical thoracoscopy. If required we will arrange the most appropriate test to investigate possible lung cancer. Very occasionally we may need to arrange investigations at another hospital if we cannot arrange locally. You may also require detailed lung function testing or occasionally exercise testing which are arranged in our dedicated respiratory laboratory.


As part of standard investigation and treatment you may be asked to be involved in clinical trials which are run locally. This will be explained at your outpatient appointments.


If you require any further information regarding your lung cancer please visit:


Members of Lung Cancer MDT


Consultant Chest Physicians:

Dr A Wight (Lung Cancer lead physician)
Dr Z Wahbi
Dr J Corless
Dr N Stevenson.                 
Dr H Tan
Dr C Paxton


Lung cancer Nurse specialists-

Kay Hughes

Consultant Thoracic Surgeons:           
Mr M Shackcloth
Mr S Woolley


Consultant Oncologists:

Dr A Pope


Consultant Radiologists:
Dr V Williamson                   
Dr D Hughes                                   

Dr Y Jones


Consultant Histopathologists/Cytologists:                   

Dr K Gumparthy


Palliative Medicine:
Dr. C Hayle.



Dr A Wight

Service Lead



Ext:  2557

MDT Co-ordinator


Ext:  5325

#PROUD to care for you